Specialists in dished heads development

At the beginning of 2012, Steel Bombe Valley created a new production line with the objective of covering the needs of the boilermaking, transport, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food market in the production of dished heads. The professionalism and technical training of the SBV staff are the basis of the success that has made the company a reference in the manufacture of dished heads, especially in stainless steel. Thanks to the trust of our customers, the company has made investments in the production process recent years ago, adapting time, warranty, excellence and attention in all our products.


The best quality in polished dished heads

We have a polishing machine for dished heads and pipes. Staff specialized in polishing of stainless steels, high quality abrasives, gloss polished and polishing paste of all qualities. TESA Rugosimeter to be able to issue certifications of our finished products according to the client's request. We collaborate with accredited entities for sectors such as pharmaceutical, cosmetics, breweries, transportation, food, agro-industry, chemicals ....

Our best guarantee, is the satisfaction of our customers.

Petrochemical, pharmaceutical, logistic
food sector, wine industry, pressure vessel

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